Most Frequently Asked Questions About PeopleSoft

1. What is PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft is the Financial and Human Resources system that supports

The status of which are already in production or are in progress is shown under the "Status" category of the PeopleSoft Intranet site. PeopleSoft will provide the technological infrastructure that will enable other systems throughout the City to integrate.

2. Who is working on PeopleSoft?

A dedicated team has been formed consisting of Phyllis Laderman, Gail MacPherson-Sullivan, Dan Zorn, Mitch Howard, and Jamie Eubanks. Other employees have been involved as needed, with Blanca Frankfather and Barbara Emson being fully dedicated for shorter amounts of time. Besides City staff, Carrera Consulting has been heavily involved as our implementation partners.

3. Why does it take so long to implement PeopleSoft and why is PeopleSoft holding up other software projects?

Even with a dedicated team, implementing the new software takes a long time just to get the core products up and running. The full power of the system, including interfaces to the Web and Groupwise will not be fully utilized right from the start. These items will have to be evolved over time in order to not have someone working full time on the project forever! Other projects are having to wait for PeopleSoft for several reasons, including: availability of programming staff to work on new projects (we have two programmer/analysts working full time on PeopleSoft), and the need to wait for PeopleSoft to be fully live so the new systems can be integrated.

4. What will PeopleSoft do for me?

If you have a need to access financial information, you will be able to look at it on-line, or print your own reports rather than having to wait until the monthly reports are printed out by Finance. In fact, we will stop doing that. Administrative Coordinators now have access to change employees addresses and run leave and work hours reports themselves. They are no longer dependent on receiving this information from Human Resources and Finance staff. The information on the paystubs has been significantly improved to reflect all the benefits that are provided and that you have requested. Plans for the future include being able to sign up for benefits at your PC or over the phone or Web, training users in departments how to structure and run their own reports, electronically paying vendors, having applicants send in resumes and apply for jobs over the Web, and streamlining the way budgeting is done.

5. Why is training taking so long to get and why arenít classes in Escondido University yet?

Even with the dedicated staff we have, it is impossible to keep up with all the demands of a new system while we are still implementing modules. Check under the "Status" category to see where we are on this. We have included training manuals on basic operational areas in this intranet site (see "Training Manuals") that should enable users to refresh their training or learn something new. We have been trying to train the core users and WILL expand the training as time permits. There are plans for several basic training classes to become an ongoing part of Escondido University, but for right now we do not have to staff to accommodate that and move forward with the project at the same time.

6. How do I get PeopleSoft loaded on my PC?

We have established a form which will get routed for approval and installation. You can obtain the form from Phyllis Laderman (4322), Gail MacPherson-Sullivan (4587), or Dan Zorn (4338). Remember that it wonít be appropriate for everyone to have access to all parts of the system.

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