Rani Mukherjee - A Profile

I Love : Food, Nature, Movies.
I prefer to forget : Those who forget me.
I dig : Brownie! ahem! not the cake.
I get turned on by : Sexy eyes, sexy smile, sexy clothes (ok! men strictly)
My biggest assets : If they are that big, Should be prominent! isnt it.
My sex appeal : Ooooh! La La! I dont know! (honestly).
My passion : Movies.
My greatest neccesity : Oxygen, water and food. That keeps me alive.
My sorrows : Duhh! I cant handle it.
My most unforgettable moment : I cant remember.
My favourite bedroom line : Good Night! Sweet Dreams!
My strength : My family.
My favourite possession : My true friends.
My special ability : To act.
My most embarassing moment : How can I tell you?
What bores me most : Dumb, Senseless, idiotic people trying to give me advice.
What pains me most : Puppies lonely on the street.
What I avoid most : Show-offs, hypocrites and double standard people.
What tires me most : Excercise.
What touches me most : My clothes! (Just joking)
My birthday : 21st March, 1978.

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