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Look into my eyes - you will see.... What you mean to me....
Search your heart - search your soul .... And when you find me there you'll search no more....
There's no love - like your love .... And no other - could give more love....
There's nowhere - unless you're there .... All the time - all the way....
You know it's true.... Everything I do - I do it for you ....

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Oh yeah!! you are here ?? wow .. I didnt thought someone would be interested to know about me. **tap tap on your back** Now sit down, you are my guest now :).

Ok here i start ..
There are few of my well wishers for whom I am writing this part of the page.

Name : Mohammed Azgar Khan (Azzi, as my loved ones call me).
Date of Birth : 30th May, 1974.
Hobbies : Computers, Music (Hindi and Western) Cricket.

City : Hyderabad.
State : Andhra Pradesh.
Country : INDIA.

Well, we are seven brothers (mashallah), I am the 5th but I think I am the youngest coz I am the favourite among all. My dad Mohammed Sartaj Khan is an Industrialist, he is the one who supported such a large family without having his basic education, he struggled throughout his life to make the best ladder for his sons to climb on. My mom Khaja Begum is the best mom in the world, she constantly inspired me for my higher education even though dad wanted me to join his business. Whatever education I have now today is because of her :) I salute her with my heart. I am quite a good sleeper, a bomb cannot wake me up from my sleep. Coming to my hobbies, I love Computers and spend most of the time with developing some or the other software. Well if i wouldnt have loved computers then you wouldnt have seen my web page (hehe). I listen to Hindi music (old & new) and western too.

I have lots of friends here in Hyderabad and almost across the globe, I love making friends, Being a management student I have to maintain such qualities dont you thinks so (hehe), I spend my evenings with my friends, we drive along in cars almost 20 miles daily. Anway I dont want to bore you by talking about me, I would do injustice to my city by not saying anything about it. You will love this city called HYDERABAD where love is in the air, you find people having niceeeeeeee hearts here allways ready to help. One amazing thing about this city is the world's renowed diamond KOHINOOR (currently its in the throne of queen elizibeth) was found in Hyderabad (Golkonda Fort).

Hyderabad is the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad is best known for its FOOD throughout the world. It has rich natural resources, culture & heritage.

Thanks for visiting my site and more thanks for reading about me :)

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